My Turn Monday!

16 09 2013

Okay, so “My Turn Monday” was short-lived, in a sense – I’m participating in a Bible study that meets from 7-9 on Monday nights for 7 weeks. Last week I cooked on Sunday night and snagged leftovers on Monday before I headed back out to church, and tonight my husband cooked (but I did buy ingredients to cook at some point this week, I promise!). Last week, I made a Mexican Chicken Casserole with fresh, homemade salsa. I loved it!! It was so much work to make – we went to the grocery store around dinnertime, the cooking was a combined effort between me and my husband, we fed E his dinner, and finally sat down to enjoy our meal around 9 PM, long after E was asleep! I didn’t double the recipe for the casserole or the salsa because that would have required a ton of extra chopping/prepwork, but as it was, the leftovers lasted for several more lunches and dinners for two. I did skip some of the ingredients, since there were so many – I left out the jalapeños and the corn. The only “heat” I added was chili powder. We’re not big on really spicy foods at my house, although I’m sure it would have been good in this dish!

Mexican chicken casserole 1

Layering the casserole with fresh ingredients and homemade salsa!

Mexican chicken casserole 2

Finally prepped to cook!

This recipe is definitely a keeper! Mexican is one of my favorites! 🙂



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