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13 09 2013
It’s been so fun linking up with Darci from
The Good Life Blog to share my five thoughts on Fridays! Here are my latest!
Happy Friday the 13th!


This week launched a new 7 -week women’s Bible study for me on “Wonderstruck” by Margaret Feinberg. We took home pixie dust on the first night to remind us to have a child-like faith. I went home feeling compelled to process everything I had been thinking lately between church, Sunday School, this new study, and my life; they all connect! I was craving that immediate alone-time to journal, but my little one knew better. Because I had stayed out one whole hour past his bedtime, he wanted extra cuddle time. Two-point-five hours more. I savored every second of rocking, nursing, and cuddling my sweet boy, and THEN filled 8 pages in my birthday paper-and-ink journal from my mom.

Five on Friday 1


As it turned out, E was not only off-schedule that night, but sick with a fever of over 103! His fever came about despite a little impromptu dance party in our living room just an hour before, where he was WIRED. I was able to take a sick day Wednesday to stay home with him (that’s how I accomplished #4 on this list, below). He spent the day napping, cuddling with me, comfort nursing, playing, coloring, and generally making a mess of Mommy’s bedroom! Needless to say, he was back at school on Thursday.

Five on Friday 2


I took the plunge and signed up for my first box from Stitch Fix! Have you seen this??

A stylist is putting together 5 pieces (clothing and accessories) to fit my style and sending them to me. I pay for what I want to keep and send back (with free postage) what I don’t want. There’s a $20 styling fee that I can put toward each purchase. I’ll get to try on clothes without worrying about a toddler in the dressing room with me, and I can accessorize straight from the comfort of my own closet!! (Target is the only place I’ve found so far where the dressing room doors go all the way to the floor!) I’ll get a 25% discount if I keep all 5 items. I carefully tweaked my individual style profile and pinned favorites (mostly from polyvore.com) to “My Flair” board on my Pinterest, so my stylist can get a feel for what to send me! I’m so excited – my first fix arrives in October! I requested casual chic/professional items to wear to work this time. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs to see what people have gotten in their boxes – so much fun! Want to order a box of your own? (link written out – https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3182570)

Five on Friday 3


Free photo books! Shutterfly continues to be my go-to photobook site, and I always wait to order until I have free codes. I had so many codes at the end of the summer and not enough time to make all the books before they expired! I was able to crank out two books this week: one for E’s 1st birthday (it arrived Thursday in the bright orange box!) and the other of our end-of-summer trip to Myrtle Beach (code is “BCFREEBOOK” good thru 9/20/13). I still have a Huggies code and a LivingSocial code to use by the end of the month! And we don’t even use Huggies, we cloth diaper! 😉

Five on Friday 4


This week, after four weeks at daycare, my 14-month-old demonstrated a sweet gesture he picked up on there – clasping his hands while we pray before eating! And after the prayer, he claps wildly! I saw all the toddlers doing this one day when I popped in during their lunchtime, and it was the sweetest thing. It’s just a reminder that kids can pick up on so much more than we think and want to model those behaviors. I am so happy he is in a place where he can learn small gestures like this. I don’t have a picture (yet), but here’s one of his hands clasped in excitement over his birthday cake! My sister caught both of these precious moments for me while I was enjoying my own birthday smash cake right next to him.

Five on Friday 5

Five on Friday 6

Love her eye for the small things!

Not compensated for any posts, although there’s a Stitch Fix referral link from me! 




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13 09 2013

Love the hands with the prayer! How sweet! Just hopped over from 5onF and added you to my dashboard to follow! Yeah for another momma blog. 🙂

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