{five on friday}

6 09 2013

Today I’m linking up again with Darci from The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday! I skipped last week b/c I was a little blogged-out with my posts on the Spartan Race. But now that my mind is racing with other topics, here is a peek into my world!

{one} I have discovered the beauty of the “Voice Memo” app on my phone. I’m sure there are other, better apps out there (have any recommendations?), but I use it simply to record special little songs I make up for my son, or little sayings I repeat to him all the time. I always talk in silly voices and read books to him in the same way (ask my nieces and nephew about my “Peedie” rendition – oh my!), so I’m glad we can document these for him. The other night, when I rocked him to sleep (for the second time) with 2 lullabies I made up on the spot, I knew I was too tired to remember them the next morning. I asked Siri to open the voice memo app, and I saved them!

Voice memo app

{two} Paracord bracelets! Remember when I said my hubby and I each have new hobbies this year (#5 on this list)? He has gotten into making paracord bracelets. I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere these days. As an Eagle Scout, he likes learning all the different knots and designs (the one pictured below is “Piranha,” or “Shark Jawbone,” but I don’t say that) and he has almost every color paracord now to do custom requests for kids and adults. He has even made several for our 14-month-old son! My favorite is a dark purple Piranha weave knotted with glow-in-the-dark-and-also-reflective paracord. He’s been selling them at a lot of different places! It’s way more productive than Candy Crush, which we both had a minor obsession with this summer. So glad that’s over.


{three} I am in LOVE with the color coral right now! I think it’s so pretty with navy and white. I bought coral polish for my toes and reunited with some coral scarves I bought awhile back that I had never worn. The one below – my favorite!- is a Vera Wang that I found at Kohl’s. I love pink (despite being a redhead), but I love this color so much more! I’ve been getting a free subscription to Redbook* magazine, because it’s a runDisney sponsor, and one of the articles featured different ways to tie a scarf. I ripped that page out to keep in my fabric cube of scarves in my closet! Here’s one of the ties I learned:


{four} Coffee at Sheetz! We got hooked on their coffee several years back, when they give it away for free on January 1. They have a really good candy cane brew around the holidays, but we also love their made-to-order frappuccinos. My husband usually runs in and gets them as a splurge, or brings them home as a surprise, so I’ve never actually ordered one, but I’m pretty sure he gets them with white chocolate mocha, caramel syrup, and whipped cream! We also save $2 with our loyalty card.

{five} A couple weeks ago at church, we were asked to write down a prayer request related to the new school year. This past Sunday, we were asked to take someone else’s prayer request home and keep it in our prayers. When I read the one I picked up, I couldn’t help but be overcome with tears by the great responsibility to pray for this stranger’s request this year. While I am fretting every day about leaving my one-year-old at “school” (daycare) while I’m at work, someone in my church has the same worry about their “baby” starting college this year. How alike we all are! It just shows that the love and worries never stop with each new milestone. That love for your child only deepens and grows as they change and grow and experience the life God has given them.

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for another fun post this weekend! I’m so excited to share my latest endeavors with you! 🙂

*I’m not being compensated for any of my references in this post! Not even the paracord one!!



6 responses

6 09 2013

Super cute outfit!!!!!

6 09 2013

Thanks! I bought that dress especially for my son’s nautical 1st birthday party, but it’s so comfy and stretchy that I wear it all the time now! Thanks for stopping by!

6 09 2013

I love that you were able to write down your prayer request for the school year and someone would pray over it. My 2 year old daughter also goes to “school” while I work and it’s not ever easy but I know she loves it there and learns so much. Have a great weekend!

6 09 2013

Thanks so much for reading! I’m glad your daughter loves her school and learns a lot there – I’m sure that makes it a little easier to leave her! Enjoy your weekend as well! 🙂

6 09 2013

WOW – I LOVE that idea of switching prayer requests – that seems like such a special thing that you guys do! 🙂

6 09 2013

It was a very meaningful thing, for sure! We just started visiting this church a few months ago, so I’m not sure if that’s typical or something new they’re trying. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

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