My Turn Monday! Pizza Casserole

2 09 2013

Monday was, of course, Labor Day, but we opted to cook out the day before with our good friends and their precious new baby girl. So we enjoyed comfort-food leftovers from the cookout as a late lunch Monday — mac ‘n cheese, grilled BBQ chicken, hamburgers, green beans, etc.

I still opted to cook a late-evening dinner, though, and I made a yummy pizza casserole! I finally found a more “normal” dish — one that isn’t uber healthy (i.e., weird) and one that doesn’t involve stuffing a vegetable or wrapping expensive meat around fruit. (See, this is the downfall of Pinterest sometimes!). I found the pizza casserole recipe online here and pinned it to my “Completed Pins” board so that I can easily find it again.



I reeeeally dislike spaghetti and marinara sauce (but eat it politely when we’re guests in someone’s home), but I do like egg noodles and ground beef!




As an added bonus – the recipe makes 2 casseroles, so I stashed 5 portions aside for leftovers this week and 4 more portions to freeze!

ImageHope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday!



13 months with strawberry blonde curls just like Mommy!

My son has loved his turtle sandbox ever since returning from Myrtle Beach, where he tore up the sand like it was his day job. So I converted his retro turtle “pool” back into a sandbox after our vacation. 



He has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great sport when we dress him up in hats or sneak up on him (“boy, you about to get GOT!”), or tickle him.

I need to keep a better record of his monthly interests, rather than just jotting down everything his baby book asks. So here goes! At 13 months, he’s also loving bananas (he would eat 2 whole ones for every meal if we’d let him), strawberries (any fruit, really), yogurt, graham cracker minis, squeeze pouches, his Camelbak, nesting toys, seashells, his Wubbanub, dancing, chasing after frisbees, checking the mailbox, walking around the neighborhood, unloading the dishwasher, and playing with our doggie (he calls him “Ka” or “Ska” for “Scout,” or “Ska-gee” for “Scout-doggie.”) If you ask him what a doggie says, he sticks out his tongue and pants. I have no idea where he learned that, but he’s been doing it for about 4 months now. He is so much fun and we were so blessed to have had 3 whole days all to ourselves this weekend!




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