My Turn Monday!

19 08 2013

I must be of the “get it over with” mentality, because I tend to load up my Mondays with all the stuff I don’t like to do, so that the rest of the week doesn’t seem so daunting. Plus it’s the night I took on to cook each week.

This week, Monday was also the day that students returned to my school, and the day I got a call at work to come pick up my sick baby from daycare. Then I was stuck on hold for 45 minutes with the pediatrician before their line disconnected, while my dog had painful spasms that left him frantic all evening, and it was a perfectly crazy Monday!

So tonight, in the middle of slicing up some onions, I decided to turn off the oven, turn off all the burners, and sit in the middle of my kitchen floor, rocking and kissing my sick toddler and waiting for my husband to come home. Of all days to choose to make Philly-cheesesteak stuffed peppers (Pinterest inspiration here) and chocolate croissants! Once he got home and took the baby to get a bath, I did get it done. I really loved the peppers and will definitely keep this recipe. I followed it almost exactly, except that I used Swiss cheese instead of provolone and I doubled the entire thing.


Philly-cheesesteak stuffing for the peppers


My Monday – nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a loving husband, a phone call with my mom, cuddles with a (hot-to-the-touch) sleeping baby, lots of whispered prayers, and some freshly baked chocolate croissants!

And hopefully, this will be the last time I cook until next Monday, and I’ll get to post about running some far-more-interesting and rather unconventional races in the meantime. đŸ™‚



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2 09 2013
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