A Week of Peach!

18 08 2013

After peach-picking at the orchard last Sunday and my Monday recipe of pork chops with caramelized onions and peaches, we still had tons of peaches left over, so I broke from our schedule and cooked several more (peach) dishes:

On Wednesday, I convinced my husband NOT to make the steak, cheesy twice-baked potatoes, and fresh Holloway corn-on-the-cob that he planned to cook for his-turn Wednesday. No no, I had a whole bag of fresh peaches we picked and didn’t want to let them go to waste! First, I attempted a peach pizza I found on Pinterest:

Bad move. Bad, bad move.

Maybe if I had followed the recipe exactly OR made major modifications to it, it would have been better. Or if the grocery store hadn’t been SOLD OUT of fresh basil, and I hadn’t used dried basil as a substitute. My husband said it was fine and graciously ate the leftovers for lunch the next day. A good man.


My pizza dish, before I added the vinegar reduction and baked it.

Lesson learned: don’t judge a recipe by its picture. READ THE INGREDIENT LIST. I found out that I reeeeally can’t stand goat cheese. Or too much balsamic vinegar. I only used 1/3 of the balsamic vinegar that the recipe called for before the reduction, and it was still way too much. Yuck. Fail:


If I tried it again, I’d use more of a sugary Pillsbury pizza dough crust and cream cheese instead of mozzarella and goat cheese. I’d add other fruits (blueberries, strawberries, etc.), and no balsamic vinegar. Actually, something more like this fruity brunch pizza! I’ve actually had it several times before and love it in the morning! Needless to say, we had his steak dinner the following night, and it was delicious and perfect. Friday, we went to our favorite local restaurant to celebrate several awards that my husband earned at work. On Saturday, he made a delicious peach pie! I love everything he bakes. 🙂 He makes it look so easy!


And today, we found fresh basil at the grocery store, so I could finally make this dish, grilled prosciutto-wrapped peaches, with the last of our fruit. (Well, the ones that hadn’t already fused together with scary black mold after 7 long days together…)



And now, back to our regular cooking schedule. Sans peaches. 🙂




3 responses

18 08 2013
Fat In Manhattan

That pizza looks so good, and I love goat cheese, so I might have to try that.

18 08 2013

Haha, thanks! I wish I could send you all the leftover goat cheese I have!

2 09 2013
My Turn Monday! Pizza Casserole | Running MOMentum

[…] isn’t uber healthy (i.e., weird) and one that doesn’t involve stuffing a vegetable or wrapping expensive meat around fruit. (See, this is the downfall of Pinterest sometimes!). I found the pizza casserole recipe […]

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