My Turn Monday!

12 08 2013

It’s Monday again, which means my turn to cook again! Today was also different in that I started back at work for the school year, and my 13-month-old son started at his new school, so we have both been busy all day! It feels good to relax and blog. And eat ice cream.

Here he is before we left home for school!


We have a whole series of those holiday milestone stickers from Etsy, but in our rush this morning, I could not find this “My First Day of School” sticker! Luckily I had photocopied them for his baby book, (and THOSE I actually found), so I pinned the photocopy to his shirt for this picture. It lasted about 4 seconds. And, unlike this picture predicts, he had a wonderful first day at school, and even came home with a 1st day certificate and ARTWORK WITH A STICKER ON IT. Proud mommy moment right there. That little crayon scribble is going straight into his baby book.

And now on to dinner:

I found this description of pork chops with caramelized onions and peaches on a fellow runner’s blog I follow. Yum! So I decided to make a family adventure out of it on Saturday and pick the peaches at a local orchard we’ve never visited. It’s only 30 minutes away and, as I wish I had known about 10 years ago, is the peach counterpart of the apple orchard we love and visit every year. They’re owned by the same family!

My husband carried our son in the Ergo while we picked the peaches (I lugged the bag around; it was an almost-even tradeoff in the end, according to the peach scale).



ImageIt rained earlier in the day and the Virginia red clay was super muddy, so we only set him down for a few minutes, knowing he’d be getting all that mud on Daddy when he went back in the carrier! Afterward, we borrowed a wagon to take some candids in the orchard before heading home:


I picked enough peaches for three peach recipes I’d like to try this week. Tonight I made the pork chops. Since I’ve started cooking more creatively, I find myself watching youtube videos and googling how to do things like blanch a tomato and caramelize an onion.




This dish is a keeper! I am not creative about sides, so I just went with the asparagus I saw on the running blog. I always season it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I love it on the grill, too, but this way was *almost* as good!

We went for an evening walk, and the house smelled sooo good when we came home!



4 responses

12 08 2013

So glad you made the dish and liked it!! I have it in my list of go-to dishes as well!

13 08 2013

That was a great idea! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog, too! šŸ™‚

18 08 2013
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1 10 2013
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