Training for Disney – Part 1

10 08 2013

Today I completed week #6 of my Disney marathon training plan! It is nice to have a schedule to follow. It holds me accountable and helped me plan which races to sign up for this fall.


We instituted our second “Pasta Friday” dinner yesterday before our 7-mile training run today. My husband made this dish completely from leftovers: tomatoes, ground beef, cottage cheese, sour cream, pesto, seasoning, and farfelle pasta. YUM!Image

We hired a babysitter while we ran, since I didn’t want to run alone or that far on the treadmill. I had a Zone bar and a Nuun tablet in my water before we left, a chocolate GU packet after the 3rd mile, and a CLIF Builder’s protein bar and purple Gatorade afterward. It was a tough run, and it rained the last 2 miles we were out. But I was committed — money spent on a sitter, plus my husband running with me was enough motivation. My new running playlist is already getting old but we passed some interesting signs along our run:



Again, why I don’t run alone here.

Races are good motivators for me, and we’re just now entering into race season! I love collecting tech shirts and medals!

It looks like a lot, but we have to do long runs on the weekends anyway, so why not? We’re taking turns with some of the races, and still haven’t decided about a few on the list. 🙂

What are your favorite races in the fall?




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28 07 2014
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