Go ahead, move my cheese.

7 08 2013

My husband and I have been toying with the idea of moving for about 7 months now (and not, like, over to a different neighborhood. We’re talking, I-would-need-to-get-licensed-in-a-different-state sort of move). But with all of the changes we’re starting this year, it practically feels like we’ve moved without the burden of buying and selling a house:

1) I moved into a new office this summer! In the process, I decided to makeover my new space. I got rid of TONS of 30/40-year-old teaching materials, a process that has taken me the last 4 years to tackle. No matter how much I throw away each year, I am still finding bins full of old transparencies, faded bulletin board borders, outdated VHS tapes, and crusty puppets!  It must be multiplying! I swapped out some furniture. I revamped old plastic shelf units (circa 1970s…) with hot pink and navy plastic-friendly Krylon spraypaint (found at Wal-Mart*, not sold at Lowe’s!), and refurbished the cork boards I’ll use to display the inevitable paperwork I’m sure I’ll need to reference all year. I did this by covering plain square cork boards with leftover scraps of fabric I had, hot glue, staples, and ribbon embellishments. Oh, and a little wooden crab. All free stuff I already had!



2) I have new administrators (a new Principal and Assistant Principal). I hope they still let us wear jeans on Fridays and give us awesome Christmas gifts as per tradition! That’s what’s important, right? 😉

3) Our son is starting “school” at a new daycare on Monday. (And after reading this blog post today, I custom-ordered some labels very similar to these by babyfables for his stuff!)

4) We are visiting a new church

5) We are both pursuing new hobbies

6) We made up a new cooking routine

So…. we are excited to see where this year takes us!


*All opinions are original, and I was not compensated for any of the links/reviews I made in this post!



4 responses

7 08 2013

Just FYI: Lauren turned me on to orbit labels from inchbug.com. They can be personalized and fit around cups and bottles. A great product!

7 08 2013

Thanks for sharing! Hmm… what to do now, what to do… 😉

7 08 2013

Coupon code “APPLES” is good for 10% off at inchbug through 8.31.13! 🙂

6 09 2013
{five on friday} | Running MOMentum

[…] Paracord bracelets! Remember when I said my hubby and I each have new hobbies this year (#5 on this list)? He has gotten into making paracord bracelets. I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere […]

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