On my heart. Big and small.

4 08 2013

That little countdown on my blog site tells me I have 5 months left to train for my first marathon. Crazzzzy. And although training is going to consume my schedule this fall, I have a gameplan and have stuck to it faithfully, so that area of my life, surprisingly, feels under control.

But there are other areas where I feel like I don’t have a plan, and I could. I don’t want life to just happen on the fly as much as last year’s demands necessitated. I think our wakeup call was booking a hotel at the beach the very last minute without doing our homework (read: we trusted its website but should have read actual trip advisor reviews). It was so bad it was almost comical. The drive home took 10 hours, which meant we got home at midnight, and I had to be at work the next morning for a meeting with my new administrators.

I’m not as young as I used to be.

One area I know I could improve in is cooking. I can’t even begin to claim that I cook regularly, because I don’t – my husband does, and he has a natural gift for it. But I want to be more involved with it, so we’re going to split up the responsibility more this year.

Starting small, I will be taking on Mondays as my turn to cook (“My Turn Mondays“), with leftovers on Tuesday. My husband will take Wednesdays, since those are the days I typically have late meetings (and at the pace I cook, we’d be eating laaaate dinners), and we’ll do leftovers again Thursdays. With running, carbs become so important, so we’ve decided to institute “Pasta Fridays” at our house before the long weekend runs. We’ll cook together or take turns for for Pasta Fridays. Weekends will be a different story. Maybe this sounds crazy to have a schedule, but it seems manageable and not overwhelming. We gotta eat anyway, right?

Another area weighing on our hearts is our involvement in church. I have a strong faith, but I feel so passive in my actual involvement. Even when I tried to plug in more this summer, I still didn’t feel connected, and I’m not sure why. I keep comparing my experience to the leadership opportunities I had in college, when I was always on leadership team of our Collegiate Ministry, even serving as President my 4th year. I know I shouldn’t be comparing two completely different stages of my life, but I do feel somewhat disconnected, even after 4 years at the same church. So that’s another focus area for us.

And along those lines, relationships are another big focus. Life is so hectic for us all – but I know I am missing out if I don’t make more of an effort. I’m just at a loss for how, sometimes, especially on days when I feel, as I admittedly call it, “behind on life” (always).

It brings to mind an old advice column I’ve read a zillion times. I feel like this article pretty much sums it up, especially that last paragraph, which I mull over all the time, especially when confronted by others:


“But if you spent all day, every day, with this brand of joy, and then, when you got your first 10 minutes to yourself, wanted to be alone with your thoughts instead of calling a good friend, a good friend wouldn’t judge you, complain about you to mutual friends…”

For me, those solitary minutes have been planned out before they even happen,  just on all of those little, mundane tasks that we all do, but that seem to take forever with a little one hanging on your leg. And then, when the house is quiet and I find a minute or two to myself, and it’s past midnight (or 3, like last night), I might even finally stay up (skip sleeping) to write about it. 😉

So that tomorrow, when I’m thinking about the new church we’ve just visited, or grocery shopping for the meal I haven’t yet planned for my first Monday, I can remember that life is going to happen no matter what, the time is going to pass, so why not make the most of it?






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4 08 2013

From one of your previous blog posts, I would say that we have similar introverted personalities. It’s taken me 5 years church and serving on 4 different committees to really feel connected. With two services and such a large church, I think it’s easy to only have a small circle of people who you interact with. It doesn’t make me completely comfortable but I’ve had to jump feet first into a couple of committees so that I was introduced to more people. I think in college ministry everyone is in the same place in life so it’s easier to connect. I have been thinking that maybe we should plan a get together with the other ss class of age so we can connect with them.

4 08 2013

Thanks for reading my blog! That means a lot. I know, it’s so hard to get plugged in! You always seem very involved and outgoing, so it must be working! 🙂

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