Just Dance

2 08 2013

I’m sure you’ve seen this old image floating around Pinterest/Facebook/wherever:


(Source where I retrieved it, although who knows where it originated?) I’m not saying it’s an exhaustive list, and it’s not true for everyone by any means, but as my undergrad was in Psychology, this sort of thing always interests me and helps me to understand different personalities. Ever since I’ve been off this summer and spending 24-7 with my little one, I’m starting to get to know his personality as it develops more and more. And sometimes, he leaves me puzzled.

I’d call myself an introvert because of the way I refuel – I like my “me” time — reading, writing, blogging, running, folding laundry while watching TV, praying, photography – after a day spent at work or among friends. I think people perceive me as quiet, although I’m really not when I’m at home or around family and close friends. I’m also very adventurous and like trying new things, but I hate being the center of attention. Even though I was in a ton of dance recitals growing up, in marching band, and even a tour guide at Colonial Williamsburg for 8 years. People sometimes say that opposites attract, but I would consider my husband’s personality more like mine than opposite mine.

But this kid — this flirty, happy, dancing 12-month-old of mine…. where does he get his personality? We took him to the beach this week, eating out each evening, and if he heard any music at all, he would start bouncing in his high chair, eyeing every girl he saw, craning his neck to say “heyy” to them, reaching out for them and waving. He would clap his hands on the table, clap them together, wave to everyone he was entertaining in the restaurant, all the while – mommy was holding her camera, dumbfounded and smiling. “Where did this child come from?” I kept thinking. I love his personality so, so much, and I love this age that he’s in. Not just walking/talking, but now dancing/flirting, even!

My husband said it’s about time to bust out Just Dance on the Wii, which we haven’t played in ages but used to all the time in the privacy of our living room. So maybe my son IS the perfect combo of his parents’ personalities – just with no filter and a great sense of rhythm. 😉





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