180 days out! Disney, hot air balloons, and rainbows

14 07 2013

I had a surge of renewed motivation this morning as I made advance dining reservations for our Disney trip in January. There’s still a lot of mixed emotion there – I’m super excited to go back to Disney (180 days seems SO far away!), pumped to run the new 10k and earn an inaugural Minnie Mouse medal, and still quite a bit anxious about running my first full marathon (wait… there are only 180 or so days left to train?!). Also a little bit weary of the compromises I’m making to take the time to train my body to run 26.2 miles, twice as far as any race I’ve done. I second-guess my decision all the time, but if not now, when?

I almost forgot about the reservations. After watching hot air balloon rides and riding out last night’s crazy storm under the awnings at Sonic, my husband and I, reluctantly, skipped our town’s fireworks to instead put the baby to bed (how does he always know when it’s exactly 8:00??), but upon coming home, we realized we had a perfect view from our 3rd floor window, and we all enjoyed the fireworks, even the baby. (Except the dog, of course, who was suffering from major firework-induced panic attacks under our bed.)


Then I stayed up to secure our Disney dining reservations, only to learn that I had to wait until our 180-day window opened at 6 AM, not midnight. I found helpful tips here for online or phone-in reservations: http://www.mousesavers.com/advance-dining-reservations-system-at-walt-disney-world/#openings

I spent the better part of 12:30 AM-5:30 AM bouncing between the nursery to feed the baby and consoling our shivering terrier under the bed before finally sneaking my new laptop into the closet to quietly book our reservations without waking the baby, the dog, or my husband. I snagged a spot at Be Our Guest within 2 minutes, then had a bit of an issue trying to get a table at the Italian place we wanted for the next night, the night before the marathon. I think the reservation site has issues with the 180+10 day plan, and found this to be the issue with all of our backup restaurants, so I waited until 7 AM and called the reservation number directly, having a delightfully pleasant conversation with Jasmine (or was it Belle?) herself, who made the whole process of securing a second dinner reservation in Downtown Disney positively marvelous. I was so happy when I hung up that I calculated I’d be able to run 3 miles and still have time to shower and get to our church’s early service (almost) on-time, sleepy baby in tow.

It felt good to run after a week of so many birthday treats! We still have a TON of cupcakes and birthday cake and party food left over (although we’re not really eating it, so it will all probably go in the trash soon), plus all of the birthday freebies I subscribe to. This past week, I redeemed all sorts of free birthday coupons – a free scoop at Ben & Jerry’s, a free scoop at Baskin Robbins, a free creamslush at Sonic, 2 free meals at IHOP, 2 gift certificates to Sweet Frog, and probably a bunch of others I’m forgetting. Oh and free slurpees at 7-11 on 7-11 and free Chick-fil-a meals with our cow costumes on Friday. Half the time I didn’t even WANT the freebie, but I also felt weird just letting them expire. I never got around to redeeming the ones I got from Applebee’s, Ritas, Ruby Tuesday, Dairy Queen, or even the birthday coupons from the non-food stores – a local toy store and Michaels.

So anyway, it is nice to be back in a routine again, and I’ve faithfully stuck to my RunDisney training schedule from Day 1 (well, except that I was supposed to run 4 miles today and I ran 3).

I’ve also discovered out that I can READ while on the treadmill (I can’t watch movies while I run, but I can read?!), so I’m catching up on old favorites and others I’ve wanted to check out. I’d love to hear your suggestions!



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