A little slice of luxury…

24 06 2013

It all started with hitting a deer last week. An awful, awful experience for me, as my baby was in the car with me, but everyone’s fine — the deer literally jumped out of nowhere and there was no avoiding him (or her?). The damage wasn’t as bad as the sound of impact when he hit us — when I finally was able to pull over, I was expecting a shattered window or a bashed-in passenger-side door, but thankfully the deer made off with only my side-view mirror in exchange for a patch of his fur smeared across my window and a myriad of scratches and chips to my paint, and a window needing to be replaced at the insistence of the body shop. Our insurance is great — we had just contacted them recently when a very pregnant woman was getting out of her sportscar (that’s got to go when baby comes!) and hit my door with her car door. Her husband should have known not to park so close with doors that wide and her baby growing outward. Anyhoo, we now have 2 checks from our insurance company, and my car is in good hands at my husband’s work, a car dealership.

The car rental company wasn’t so accommodating at first. In an exchange reminiscent of a distant Seinfeld episode about reservations, it took forever to finally acquire a vehicle large enough to accommodate a rear-facing convertible car seat. A few days later, though, I was all set in a March 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee*, fully-loaded with black leather interior, a double-moonroof, vented seats, a computer display, and that NEW CAR SMELL you can’t bottle. In fact, I told my husband that I would love the Jeep if only it had a digital speedometer (I’m used to knowing my exact mileage, not reading a gauge). With the press of a few buttons, he had flicked it into digital mode. Voila!

No longer stranded at my house, I was able to attend a baby shower, where, unsurprisingly, I was able to correctly identify almost every disgusting baby food combo in a contest (hello, mother of an 11-month-old consumer of all things pureed), and my reward was a bag full of beauty products, which someday, I intend to use!

I also celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary this week, and my husband surprised me with a scavenger hunt and a surprise date, complete with a babysitter! It was so nice to be able to spend an evening talking as a couple — moments we probably took for granted before the baby came. Despite the palate-cleansing pink and green swirl mint ice cream provided on-the-house by our fancy restaurant of choice, we also ducked into a local gelato shop for waffle cones of delicious caramel and death-by-chocolate. One of my discoveries on the scavenger hunt was a copy of “Revenge Wears Prada,” the new sequel to my favorite book, and it has been so nice to READ, even if it is squeezed between diaper changes, feedings, and reciting board books. I even dialed down the speed on my treadmill just a little this morning so I could read.

And the deer? I’m not even kidding, but that same afternoon he was hit, there was a report that a deer ran into our town’s Wal-Mart and was scoping out the food section (or was it electronics? I’ve heard two different stories now). I hit him on the road right in front of Wal-Mart, but I’d hate to think my car disoriented him enough to send him seeking assistance from the Wal-Mart greeters. My husband talked to a police officer that had to help put the deer down after it was so traumatized that day. And unless they find my sideview mirror somewhere in Wal-Mart, I’ll continue telling myself that it’s just a crazy coincidence, and it wasn’t my same deer.

*I’m not endorsing Jeep or any other labels mentioned and am not being compensated… I’m just retelling my experience of turning lemons into lemonade. And I’m not referring to Candy Crush Saga. 🙂



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