What did I do with my coffee?

19 06 2013

My first full week of summer is underway, and I’m back on track with my running schedule. Back in high school cross country, we were supposed to run all summer to be in shape for the fall season (in theory), so I’m running this month to get in shape for the real marathon training starting next month. I’m following the RunDisney program for now and am pretty confident that I’ll be using Galloway intervals again. I transferred the schedule to my calendar and am looking for fun races to sign up for between now and January to use as my long training runs. I’m having to get up early to run before the baby wakes up. I usually have just enough time to eat a chocolate strawberry Zone bar, drink my “Go-Go juice,” as my husband so aptly labeled the jug (thank you, Honey Boo Boo, for that inspiration), run on the treadmill, and brew coffee as the baby wakes up. Where that coffee winds up each day is beyond me… I usually find my (full) mug somewhere in the house long after my husband has returned from work in the evenings, but it’s the concept of relaxing with a cup of coffee that drives me to brew it each day.

I have made much more progress on my son’s 1st birthday party after a full day in “the big city” yesterday, so hopefully a blog post will follow very soon about that!





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