How I spend nap time

15 06 2013

School is out and summer is here, and I’m finding it very difficult to run! My Disney training program doesn’t kick in until July, and I’m still getting adjusted to being at home with the baby every day. It’s much different than last summer – he is all over the place now that he’s mobile! When he naps, I get easily overwhelmed by my pockets of free time – what can I get done in a unpredictable amount of time?

 Somehow, running hasn’t been a priority in that thought process yet.

To combat this, I’ve set small goals for myself – a project a day. The first day of summer, I took me-time. Enlisting the help of our babysitter for one last day, I went wine-tasting with a big group of teachers, going from winery to winery (and brewery) on a gorgeous summer day. I haven’t been able to do that in YEARS – between 2 back-to-back pregnancies and nursing, there was no place for that.

My first real project was making baby’s first birthday invitations, because it is rapidly approaching, and that turned into a much longer process than I thought. (In fact, Day #2’s goal became printing the invitations I had made the day before. But our network printer needed ink, and my car was in the shop, so that got delayed just a bit.)

I have to be so quick and intentional about these projects I complete, and that is not my style. I am too much of a perfectionist, but am quickly finding that I don’t have time to be that way anymore!
The next day, I set out to make a slideshow for my son’s 1st birthday. Going through the thousands of pictures and videos was the most time-consuming part, and also the most emotional part, but finally, in the wee hours of the night (morning?) I had the video made in 2 parts, and just need to stitch them together and pop them onto a DVD. That will be done another day.

For the last 2 nights, my time has been consumed with helping with Vacation Bible School for my church, and that will continue tonight and tomorrow. This morning, my plan was to run – but low and behold, I came down with the same virus that has plagued my son and husband all week, and I.feel.awful. So instead of running, I chose to sleep. And blog. Hopefully I can still make it to VBS tonight.

And now guess who’s awake and singing?




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