Starfish on a Treadmill

4 06 2013

Two random thoughts on running and training:

1. My Jack Russell Terrier finally did it. He always seems interested, but I always assumed he was smart enough not to try it.

I thought wrong. He looked like a starfish, legs splayed everywhere as I high-stepped and hurdled all over him. In those 3 seconds, I screamed, he screamed, and I slapped at the treadmill, trying not to get sucked backwards into the wall as I scrambled to press pause, or rip the magnet out, or anything to make it stop, before I collapsed in a puddle on the floor in a crying, hysterical mess. (The dog was fine.)

2. Once, I ran a race where the volunteers were offering to open our Gatorades for us after we crossed the finish line. I think it was at Disney. I turned down the offer, but it was an interesting idea that I’m sure many people appreciated. The best offers I’ve gotten when I’ve finished races were 1) a bag to put all our post-food and swag in, and 2) a giant fleece blanket. Both of these were race gifts we got after running the Shamrock in Virginia Beach, when the weather was FREEZING and we had a ton of stuff to carry around.



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