Running (a la) Mode

25 05 2013

Today was my day to run, but after getting up super early to have an impromptu yard sale, donating what we didn’t sell, and being super hungry when it was all over, we opted to go out to eat instead.

There’s a new local restaurant that my husband and I tried for his birthday a few weeks ago. Between the yummy food, chill atmosphere, throwback music, and super-friendly servers, we deemed it one of our new favorites. Bonus: they had high chairs and were very accommodating to kids/babies. My hubby and I liked it so much, in fact, that we bought a LivingSocial deal to redeem there again this spring. Which turned out to be just a *little* crazy because, tonight, it meant we could order twice as much food as last time for the same price. (Yeah, we should have just invited friends for a double-date).

So, armed with our LivingSocial deal, we ordered appetizers to start out. But those were buy one, get one free, so we got two: FRIED PICKLES, YUM. And free popcorn chicken. Piping hot and also yummy. Then we ordered drinks (we NEVER do that – we always get water). Then our entrees — I got the Caprese Burger with mozzarella and pesto because it was fabulous last time. Again, it did not disappoint. My hubby got a Western Burger, piled with bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce, and “some kind of onion,” served on a fresh pretzel bun. The fries we could have done without, mostly because they made us too full, but also because half of them were squishy.

At this point, we STILL had money to spend, so we debated between a second round of burgers to take home for another night (the waitress’ suggestion), or dessert. The choices were funnel cake, key lime pie, or chocolate cake. Funnel cake would have been festive, had we not been completely stuffed already. So we opted for chocolate cake to go.

But we forgot to specify “to go.”

I was immediately thankful for our omission, though, when the cake came served inside a short, squarish, Mason jar. Covered in a dusting of chocolate powder. And ice cream. And even though the Mason jar was not a souvenir (my hubby asked for me, bless him!), it was sooo worth it. The cake was more like a lava brownie, and I will definitely be getting this every time I go. In fact, I may bypass the entree altogether, if only to save room for the Mason-jar-lava-cake a-la-mode. Post fried pickles.

Running will have to commence tomorrow.

Fried Pickles and Chocolate Cake

Fried Pickles and Chocolate Cake



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14 06 2013
Kristy Mays

We have to double and go!

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