Barbs and Babes

25 05 2013

When my friends and I returned to our car (car, singular; we carpooled because there was an event parking fee of $5) after the 5k Foam Fest, there was an ad under the windshield for another obstacle race, a 10k. It looked intriguing, but a quick search on my phone suggested a steep registration fee of $105. Nope, nope, nope. Not paying a Disney price for a local 10k.

The ad promised a $20 discount for friending them on Facebook. Once I did that, I came across a better, $30 off, code. And then doing a bit more reading, I stumbled upon an educator discount of $20. Hmm… if I were able to combine discounts, and it were $50 off, I told myself, I’d do it. I checked with the company, and they quickly shut that idea down. One coupon code, they declared.

So I had forgotten about it. But then there was a Groupon for that race… $49 registration for one person, $95 for a team of 2. Definitely reasonable for a 10k with a medal and the promise of over 20 obstacles.

One *small* conflict would be a baby shower I am attending that same day. Now to do the math of how early a wave time I would need to sign up for in time to be at the shower… including driving all over VA and showering at someone’s house. And finding a sitter.

I mean, it would be impolite to show up to a baby shower with barbed wire lacerations and mud caked into my every crevice, right?

Guess I’ll have to pass on this one…




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