Treading Lightly

28 04 2013

Owning a treadmill has been an enabler for me. While having a newborn creates an understandable excuse not to run, my treadmill at least provides me the option of running.

When my son was born, my husband and I entertained a few different options for training: we could buy a joggling stroller, we could take turns running outside, or we could buy a treadmill.

We looked at jogging strollers. We found them at baby consignment sales and on Craigslist. They were all in excellent condition and were not cheap – maybe they weren’t used a whole lot? That wasn’t a good sign. We also don’t really live in a neighborhood conducive to using a jogging stroller – it’s a relatively new subdivision with only 3 streets, which would mean venturing out onto a major highway, pushing a stroller.

We considered taking turns running outside. My husband prefers to run outdoors (I do, too, to be honest), but one of us always needs to stay back to watch the baby. Plus, I’m okay with going on shorter runs outside, but I don’t want to stray too far from home alone. This was also before I owned a running belt to carry water and GU.

So we finally entertained the option of a treadmill, but we had two hesitations: the expense of it and the question of where to put it. We used to own an elliptical. My physical therapist recommended it because it would be smoother on my back after my spinal fusion, and I used his three days a week in PT sessions. But I noticed that once we finally had our own elliptical, I used it less – I guess I assumed that I could just use it whenever I wanted, so I procrastinated. When we moved to our current home, we didn’t have anywhere to put it, so we sold it on CraigsList. And suddenly after the baby came, we found ourselves back on CraigsList, searching for a decent treadmill. We got an awesome deal on a used one when we found a couple who was moving across the country and didn’t want to take it with them. As for where to put it, we did some rearranging, and now it’s in our living room, right by the window. Somehow keeping it there creates more of a sense of accountability for running.

Our next issue was motivation, but HELLO! Signing up for a Disney race quickly took care of that. I taped a picture of the 5th anniversary Princess Half Marathon to the treadmill, and there was my motivation. I dreamed of Disney while I trained. And then of Virginia Beach. And then of Charlottesville. As long as I have races to look forward to, I’m fine. I basically train under pressure.


I’m hoping RunDisney releases their revamped Marathon Weekend medals soon, because I need new pictures to look at! This year, we’re hoping to bring home five new Disney medals. I am drooling over the new PINK Coast to Coast, but that’s just too much for this new mommy to take on right now. And let’s not even mention the Glass Slipper challenge. Drool. I’ll commit to the January weekend mortgage payment I’ve already made though. I’ve already booked our room, too.

Another issue to address with the treadmill was the risk of injury. I seem to be more prone to sports injuries if I train on a treadmill but run races outdoors, so I had to make some changes in my weekend routine to work in the longer, outdoor runs. Basically that came down to finding a babysitter so that my husband and I could run together. This weekend, my husband was out of town, and the treadmill enabled me to still run without relying on a sitter – I set the baby in his highchair beside the treadmill with a tray of Cheerios and was soon hearing my app say “Workout complete!”

Now if it would only vacuum up the Cheerios beside it, I’d be set.




3 responses

28 04 2013

I LOVE that you taped this picture to your treadmill, what a great idea!

29 04 2013

Thanks! 🙂

28 09 2013
A bittersweet memory of Mickey Mouse | Running MOMentum

[…] printed, cut out, and taped to my treadmill in the next few weeks! The Princess medal was a sparkly incentive to train for my first half, and now I’m training to bring home Mickey and Minnie for my collection! […]

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