Nine Months

10 04 2013

Nine months in elapsed time looks like my baby. My crawling, teething, waving, clapping bundle of pink grape toes, strawberry blonde hair, and eyelashes that reach forever. And nine months from now, I know exactly what I’ll be doing.

You’re thinking the b-word, I know.

But no. I made one of those decisions where you close your eyes and click “Pay Now,” knowing there’s no turning back after committing to run 26.2 miles through Disney World. On a day so far away that you can’t predict the weather in Florida let alone what kind of shape your body will be in! Yesterday I registered to run my first full marathon.

272 days away.

9 months.

It wasn’t really all that impulsive. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now. But I was still half-hoping my computer would freeze and the race would sell out so that I wouldn’t have to commit. But for once, my laptop worked like it was half its age, and I registered to run a full marathon and a 10k and had just enough time before my son’s 9-month checkup to register my hubby for the Goofy challenge.

At least I kind-of know what I’m doing. I’ve done a Disney race before, with a 7-month-old in tow (well, not literally during the race, but I did wear him around Epcot and Magic Kingdom in my fabulous Boba 3G). I did run throughout my pregnancy, with my last race (a 5k) at 8 months. These last six weeks have been one race after another – my first, second, and third half marathons. Lucky for me, the courses seemed to get progressively less-interesting than the one before– unplanned, but it did help me made a PR each time.

And so I start this blog, to chronicle my journey of balancing mommy-hood, running, and working in an elementary school. And cloth diapering. Because that’s another obsession of mine, maybe even as much as running. So sometimes I might talk about those, too. And that charming nine-month-old who sports them. 🙂




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